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pHLip Test Refill Pack 10+0:
  Ten test vials without a reference vial.          $49.99   

Introductory pHLip Test Pack 3+0:
  Three test vials for initial trials.


Additional suppliers:

National Distributor List

All Things Biodiesel, supporting The National Biodiesel Foundation
The Abundance Foundation
AgriFuels, LLC
CKB Swanson, Inc ,
Dogpatch Biofuels
Extreme Biodiesel
Sirona Fuels

International Distributor List

U.K.: Refsol-Oilybits
Hong Kong and Taiwan: Cobra Biodiesel
Poland: ONT Biopaliwa
Uruguay: BioPetrolio

All pHLip Biodiesel Field Tests are offered only as general indicators of fuel quality. All commercial tests - even analytical tests performed according to ASTM specifications - are subject to error due to sampling techniques, unique fuel attributes, and statistical anomaly. Failed tests should be verified by detailed analytical testing. pHLip Test warranties that the test kits provided are modeled after industry best-practices and existing ASTM standards. No other warranties, either expressed or implied, are made regarding the accuracy of the tests or the quality of the fuel that is tested.


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